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Many motorists driving like red

Many motorists driving like red hands on the steering wheel, and motor vehicle to launch or driving on the way have varying degrees of shock, labor insurance gloves on human health harmful.
Scientific research shows that people who drive a motor vehicle for a long time, mechanical vibration can make its nervous system function decline, such as the condition reflex is inhibited, nerve endings are damaged, the function of pain. Excessive vibration, the driver will feel arm fatigue, numbness, decreased grip strength, the long run, can cause muscle spasm and atrophy, cause the change of bone and joint and decalcification, localized bone proliferation or deformation of arthritis. Strong vibration and noise of the long-term stimulation of the human body, will make the plant nerve function disorders, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms.
The driver in the driving gloves, gloves can buffer against the vehicle and body shaking force, can also be in the driver''s seat or backrest installation elastic pad, to prevent vibration disease. "

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